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THE POSSESSION OF NURSE SHERRI (Shock-O-Rama) DVD. 1978. Horror. 86 minutes. NR. Nudity, violence. Directed by Al Adamson. As a nutty cult leader (decked out in spiffy 70’s slacks, butterfly collared jacket, and stud shoes even though he’s in the desert) desperately tries to raise a very dead follower from death, keels over and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors don’t exactly follow their orders and the nutty cult leader dies. Later that night, for reasons explained later in the film, an oozing green scribble like stuff possesses Nurse Sherri (Jill Jacobson) as she lies in bed. The result, Nurse Sherri turns into a murderous maniac and seeks out revenge on the doctors and nurses who failed to save the nutty cult leader. Only an injured football player and his newly found nurse lover can save the day, and Nurse Sherri.
This DVD comes with two versions of Nurse Sherri; the 88-minute theatrical rated R version, and the 86-minute uncut, never before seen version. What’s the difference? The uncut version, which is reviewed above, has nudity and sexual situations. Nothing hardcore, but you do get one nice shot of Nurse Sherri’s, ah never mind. The theatrical release does branch off into another storyline, but nothing really worth getting into. The movie itself is a classic example of great bad cinema. The acting is awful, the story is slower than John Goodman’s quarter mile run time, and the special effects are laughable. I dare you to not laugh at the green scribbles that infect Sherri! How’s this for great filmmaking; two women are jaunting around a cemetery at night in the hopes of helping their pal Sherri, but the flashlight they’re using is not even on half the time and even though it’s night time, their bodies are casting more shadows Punxsutawney Phil. The prints of both versions are not that great as they are loaded with scratches and other film rot. However, this little touch of run down theater gives Nurse Sherri and good sense of low budget attitude. Sam Sherman’s commentary can only be heard on the theatrical release, and is amusing and somewhat interesting. Although, he does whine an awful lot concerning many issues and seemed overly impressed with that damn hilarious green scribble work. So you know, the woman pictured on the DVD cover is not the Nurse Sherri from the movie. Again, great bad cinema that makes for even greater late night, drunken viewing. Great job digging up the uncut version Shock-O-Rama! I love this type of schlock! – Denis Sheehan



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