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(Barrel Entertainment) 1991.  Horror/Romance. 103 minutes. Not rated, nudity, sexual situations, gore. In German with optional English subtitles. Directed by Jorg Buttgereit.  Sweet Monika lives alone in Berlin and is your average 20 something female; works, dates, and has fallen in love with a smelly, rotting corpse that she dug up and keeps in her apartment. Realizing her physical relationship with the smelly, rotting corpse is “falling apart,” Monika returns her lover to the grave, minus two important body parts (think Ted Williams and John Wayne Bobbit). By chance, Monika runs into Mark and the two begin a lovely relationship together. All is seemingly ok until Monika starts to really miss her smelly, rotting corpse and wishes only for a spot of happiness in her love life. 
I have not seen the prequel to this movie, so I cannot make any comparisons whatsoever. Good God, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Although my plot summary appears gruesome, Nekromantik 2 is actually oozing with romance, loneliness, and other love story jargon.  However, the gruesome scenes are enough to make you gag and may, most likely will, gross you out regardless of how hard your stomach is. I should note that I was eating a bowl of pudding while watching this movie and I actually had to put the snack down more than once. There is a lot to comment on concerning Nekromatik 2, but if I do I’ll ruin the “shock value” of the movie and that’s something I refuse to be guilty of. In any event, the romance/gore/disturbing scenes make for one odd movie that you certainly won’t find at your local Blockbuster. Hell, I almost felt sympathy for Monika as I watched her distressing love and desire for the smelly, rotting corpse. Then again, I am one sensitive mofo. DVD extras include a 25-minute “making of” featurette (which is pretty cool), outtakes, an early Jorg Buttgereit 5-minute short, trailers, and approx 100 stills. Also included is a cd soundtrack for both Nekromatik flics. This package is limited to a 20,000 units, so get it while you can you bunch of damn sickos! – Denis Sheehan



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