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(Shock-O-Rama) 99 Minutes. Not Rated. Lots of blood and gore and some scantily clad females. No real nudity to speak of which is sad.
  Alex and Jack are two slackers living in the town of Necroville . Apparently, it’s a little south of Albuquerque and the dead have come back to life. By dead we’re talking zombies, vampires and werewolves (which aren’t really dead, but who wants to split hairs?). Alex and Jack work in a videostore for about a minute before they are fired for trashing the place while killing a zombie that wandered in. Jobless they turn to ZOM-B-GONE, a zombie extermination company. See, in Necroville monsters are just a way of life. No big deal in the long run. An extermination company actually makes sense. Now, they have to go out and kill monsters for a living. Pretty dangerous work. Especially since Jack’s preferred mode of combat is hand to hand. And, to make matters worse, there is a master vampire in town and they are especially hard to kill. Factor in that the master vampire is also Jacks’ girlfriend’s ex and there is a whole other can of worms to deal with.
   When I first got this flick I saw Billy Garberina’s name on it and I kind of sighed a little. Why, you may ask? I first saw Billy in a flick called Feeding the Masses and loved it, except for the ending which I thought was illogical and stupid. Then I saw The Stink of Flesh, another flick that I really liked except for the shitty ending. In actuality, you would have to call that one a non ending. Later, he appeared totally miscast in a couple of Chris Seaver flicks. I had little hope for Billy actually appearing in something that worked for me. Now I have a Necroville. Billy and his partner in the flick, Adam Jarmon Brown are fantastic together. We get a large amount of truly funny dialogue with these two. There are some gags that plunge us head first into Warner Brothers cartoon land. I really had a hard time finding anything I did not like about this flick. And, it has a satisfactory ending and could have a sequel if they so chose. In other words, this is the best independent flick I have seen this year. I don’t throw that around lightly here. It rises above the crop of shot on video horror flicks that are deluging the internet and video shelves. Garberina and Brown need to keep up the momentum and get more stuff out there. The two of them together are one of the best comedy teams I have seen in a very long while. The DVD is loaded with extras, a commentary and bunches of other stuff. There is even a little liner note thingie that lets Billy explain the insanity of making this flick. Hopefully, this won’t put him off doing this again. I am recommending this one to everybody. Go get it right now! -Doug Waltz



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