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(Seduction Cinema) Erotic Horror (no horror though). Approx 80 minutes. NR, nudity, lesbian softcore sex. Since she’s new to the neighborhood and wanting to make her feel welcome, one by one the local area hot woman with lesbian tendencies visit Monique. One by one the townies show up at Monique’s front door, one by one they are seduced, and one by one they are never seen again. With all the town’s hotties disappearing, it is up to Chip the cable guy (hey, wasn’t Jim Carey’s character in Cable Guy named Chip?) and two bumbling detectives to put an end to Monique and her blood sucking ways.
This movie is simply a bunch of softcore lesbian sex scenes strung together by a plot that makes no difference to the movie whatsoever. Askew favorite Misty Mundae makes an appearance as the local Catholic High School girl who gets seduced and chomped, in more ways than one, by Monique (played by Paige Richards). Darian Caine and Katie Jordan (Katie is runner up to Misty) also co-star. Fans of Opie and Anthony will surely give a yell, and perhaps your female companion will comply, when the “WOW” reference is shown. Although the content basically follows other Seduction Cinema releases, I didn’t like My Vampire Lover as much as past/other SC stuff. It’s just missing that certain something I can’t place my finger on. DVD includes deleted scenes, making of doc, and a few SC trailers. – Denis Sheehan



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