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(Seduction Cinema) Erotic Horror. Approx 90 minutes. NR, nudity, softcore lesbian sex.  College of ancient history populated with hot, skimpy clothed, female students…boobs…a young college professor opens a box containing an Egyptian mummy…boobs...the professor’s hot female student/girlfriend touches the mummy and revives memories from thousands of years ago…boobs…the mummy comes to life, gets herself some help, and tries to make the hot female student hers...boobs…with the help of his hot Asian assistant, the professor tries his best to save is hot student/girlfriend...boobs.
                Get the gist of this movie? If not, please let me know and I’ll pay some large breasted woman to knock a couple of things off that thick dome of yours. Although the story is nothing to go crazy over, you may go nutty over the bevy of hot looking women and their various lesbian sexual escapades. Along with the chickies, I found the Mummy (in its mummified state) to be pretty damn cool looking. You will see all sorts of nakedness going on here, but you will also find the action to be of the softcore variety. Fans of Playboy will recognize Miss April 2001, Katie Lohman, while movie fans will recognize Richard Lynch, who has been in about 8000 movies (Bad Dreams, Puppet Master, etc.). Extras include audio commentary by director Donald Glut, bloopers, behind the scenes footage, trailers, and two different naked stuff footage. Boobs. – Denis Sheehan



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