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MUMMY RAIDER (Seduction Cinema) DVD. Erotic Horror (no horror though). Approx 45 minutes (not including extras). NR, nudity, lesbian softcore sex.  The evil Doctor Humboldt, who just happens to be a hot blonde with lesbian leanings, plans to raise the even more evil, and mummified, King Thotep to head an army designed to take over the world. Humboldt has the Mummy, but she needs the secret spell to raise him from the dead. To help her with that, she has kidnapped the only two people who know how to bring Thotep back- Professor Kleve and his hot daughter Kristen (Darian Caine). Being attracted to Kristen, Humboldt tries to seduce her into reciting the secret passage, but Kristen refuses. Angry, Humboldt decides to force Kristen by threatening her with a huge phallic looking club (you figure it out). Not wanting to be violated with a phallic looking club, Kristen reluctantly recites the spell and the Mummy is born again. However, while all this is going on, Mummy Raider Misty Mundae is hot on Humboldt’s trail and will do nothing-or wear nothing- to stop Humboldt and her evil army. Ah, whom am I kidding? Humboldt is stopped and partakes in a three way lesbo fest with Kristen and Misty..that’s what you wanted right?
In all honesty, I should remove myself from reviewing this DVD because of my undying attraction to Misty Mundae. It wouldn’t really matter what was on this DVD, if Misty’s in it, I love it…no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Alas, there is more to like here than just Misty. Not only do you get to see Misty walk around naked (mostly topless), we get to watch her shoot big guns! Ok, ok, the two or three lesbo orgies, although softcore, are pretty good too. I’ll take Misty over Angelina Jolie any day of the week. If you dig Misty, not only will you dig Mummy Raider, you’ll dig the featurette “First Female Lover,” which also stars Misty. This DVD extra is approx 23 minutes long and is about two college cuties having drunk lesbo sex. Again, the action is softcore, but it does the job intended. Other included features; outtakes, 30+ minutes of behind the scenes action (where we see Misty smoking- ick, but I can easily overlook it because she’s sooooo dreeeeeeamy), and two music videos. Brian Paulin, who also wrote and directed At Dawn They Sleep, directs Mummy Raider. I loved this DVD! – Denis Sheehan



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