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MR BILL’S CLASSICS (Anchor Bay) DVD. Comedy. 75 minutes. NR, Play-Doh violence.  Mr. Bill, a figure made out of Play-Doh, was a popular feature on Saturday Night Live back in the 1970s and generated a semi cult following. In all of the eighteen 4-5 minute episodes here, Mr. Bill hilariously falls victim to Mr. Hand’s (only live character) cruelty and the treacherous Sluggo (evil Play-Doh figure). Mr. Bill is squashed, pierced, broken, set on fire, electrocuted, painted, beheaded, and so much more! Also brutalized is Mr. Bill’s dog Spot, his Mom, and his chickie Miss Sally. These episodes were cheaply shot on super-8 and they still appear that way, thankfully. So much charm. All of the episodes are hilarious and brought back a lot of childhood memories. Ohh Nooo!!! DVD extras include: commentary by Mr. Bill and Mr. Hand, which I found annoying as hell. A game called “Name That Ohhh” where you must figure out why Mr. Bill is yelling in pain. I found this game rather amusing. You are treated to a never before seen Mr. Bill after you complete the game. A Mr. Bill trivia game that rewards you with other shorts produced by Mr. Bill’s creator. Finally, storyboards of various Mr. Bill episodes, which are stupid. I really dug this DVD because I loved Mr. Bill and I remember trying my hardest to stay awake on Saturday nights just to catch him. Now, they’re all mine. What I love about Mr. Bill is that it’s not digital and it looks like it was shot in someone’s cellar. Just some slobs with Play-Doh having a little fun. To be honest, I have no idea how people under the age of 25 or so will react to Mr. Bill and I certainly don’t care. I had a friggin ball watching this DVD! – Denis Sheehan


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