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(Retro Seduction Cinema) 1964. 86 Minutes.  Some naked, a little rough stuff. Joan, an enterprising wife, wants more out of life and with the help of a friend, she turns a normal looking stenography service into a well hidden prostitution ring. The cops canít seem to get enough to bust her, and Joan is soon spiraling out of control looking to increase her stable of ladies.
  Moonlighting Wives is one of Joe Sarnoís early classics that offers a glimpse into the steamy, dirty side of 60ís suburbia. Before he shocked the world with Inga, Sarno gives us a flick that is the polar opposite of the Rock Hudson/Doris day pure and innocent movies of the time. He shows us a side that is probably a little closer to the truth. Sure, itís hyped up to play to the exploitation crowd, but Iím betting itís a lot closer than weíd all like to believe. Also, those of us who are used to the acres of nubile flesh usually presented by Sarno will be pleasantly surprised at the small amount of feminine charms on view here. The DVD gives us an insightful in interview with director Sarno and a nice full color booklet by Michael J. Bowen. - Douglas A. Waltz



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