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(Sun Rosa) 92 Minutes. Black and white. Experimental Science Fiction. Not rated. In Moonlight by the Sea, The Corporation reigns supreme and salesmen are pounding the pavement to make sure mind control and propaganda are everywhere.  When top salesman Albion Moonlight loses contact with The Corporation, he finds himself stranded and things quickly get weird.
  Being a true fan of David Lynchís stuff, it pains me to see people attempt to emulate his style and fail miserably.  They all fail miserably and should just stop trying.  The man is insane and he uses film as his canvas to deal with it.  I donít mind shot on video features, but black and white video just does not capture the same effect that black and white film captures;  it fails to bring any depth to a feature and looks like a really shitty video. The disc comes with a feature length commentary with the director and producer, and a bunch of other crap that I didnít bother to watch because the movie had already wasted enough of my time. This is demon dull and a complete waste of time.  Save yourselves and go buy some porn instead.  Youíll thank me. -Douglas A. Waltz



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