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(Seduction Cinema) Three DVD set containing over seven hours of stuff. Not rated, nudity, soft core sex. This set is a collection of four Misty Mundae European released movies; Mummy Raider, Roxanna, Satan’s School for Lust, and Vampire Vixens. These movies are very similar to the American versions, but contain a little more action and skin not previously released in the good ol’ USA . I’ve already reviewed these movies separately, so do not expect me to rereview them here. Search the site for them, ya lazy feck. The extras include several behind the scenes documentaries for the movies, several interviews, a look at Misty’s early days with Factory 2000 (indi movie label), etc. Hey, you even get a full color booklet about…guess who? Of course, die hard Misty fans (guilty!) will love this set. If you’re interested in seeing Misty’s work for the first time, this is a great set to buy. I love Misty Mundae, and someday she will be mine. – Denis Sheehan



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