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2 (Florentine Productions) Comedy. Approx 60 minutes. Not Rated, crude humor and naughty words. Riding on the successful coattails of Meet the Creeps, Comedian Jim Florentine (Stern Show, Crank Yankers) returns for many shenanigans with his motley crew of childish deviants. What more could you want or need? Teaming up with Jim are Don Jamieson, Jim Norton (Opie and Anthony and just happens to be the country’s funniest man), creature Club Soda Kenny, and a bunch of other riff-raff solely alive to annoy the snot out of people. Now, like my review of the first DVD, I am not going to reveal the pranks and crap pulled because that would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?
While I absolutely loved the first Meet the Creeps, I found this release to be just ok. The gags pulled are good, but they carry on for too long and the entire running gay pictures/gay autographs with Ozzfest bands gets tired quick. Although, I suppose if you’re a fan of the Ozzfest stuff, you may get a bigger kick out of it than I. Florentine is his usual self, which should send all innocent bystanders around him running for the hills. Like the first Creeps, Jim Norton and Club Soda Kenny are magnificent creeps and are even creepier thanks to their bold oddness. Hell, Jim Norton spends most of his screen time topless and trust me, he’s one sorry human being; looks wise. The English subtitles in “All You Can Eat Buffet” are priceless and the gag in “Gerbil” is purdy nasty (as I’m sure you can imagine). New to Creeps 2 are three written bits that are funny, but are drawn out and very raw. Hey, also new to this release are many guest star chicks who get in on the fun. Club Soda Kenny, who resembles a giant, is humorously menacing and would be great in the role of Lenny from Of Mice and Men. End all, if you’re a fan of Florentine and the first Creeps DVD, by all means check out part 2. However, if you are new to this game, buy the first and then come back here. – Denis Sheehan



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