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(Florentine Productions) Comedy. Approx 67 minutes. Not rated. Using a hidden camera to capture their folly, head Creeps Jim Florentine (Terrorizing Telemarketers, Crank Yankers, frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show) and Don Jamison (I think he’s a stand up comic), team up with a clan of other Creeps to annoy and aggravate various victims with their pranks. Trust me, these pranks are as hilarious as they are childish, and that’s a very good thing. Joining Jim and Don is a collection of unsavory, comedy standup riff raff; KC Armstrong (Stern Show), Artie Lang (movies, tv, Stern Show), Jim Norton (Opie & Anthony Show - I think this guy is one of the funniest pricks out there), Club Soda Kenny (I have no idea who this creature is, but damn he’s a fabulous Creep), Gary Gentile (no idea), and Chuck Mignanelli (again, no idea). Together, this fine ensemble basically pulls every prank in the book…other than picking their noses and wiping it on people (hey, maybe I’ll do that and ask to be part of Creeps 2). Eighteen pranks and two animated bits make up this symphony of shenanigans.
    Along with being a huge Jim Florentine and Jim Norton fan, I also just happen to love these types of pranks. So as you might imagine, Meet the Creeps filled my day with hysterical laughter. No, I am not going to reveal the pranks pulled, as that would ruin the DVD. However, I will write that I could have watched 20 hours of Jim Norton and Club Soda Kenny performing their “Autistic” caper. Honestly, I was on the floor laughing like a crazed lunatic. Yes, there is some potty humor that may gross you out, but everyone needs a little potty prank every now and then. After viewing a performance he liked, Johnny Carson, former host of The Tonight Show, would often turn to his co-host and say “That’s good stuff, Ed.” Well, after viewing this DVD, I’d bet Johnny would turn to his co-host and say, “That’s good stuff, Ed…pull my finger.” Very funny DVD. – Denis Sheehan

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