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(Sub Rosa ) 2001. Horror. 80 minutes. Rated 17. Excessive blood/violence.  3 survivors of a deadly epidemic search for other survivors in a city infested with the undead.  After miles of wreaking havoc on the undead, the 3 friends, with the help of a mysterious stranger, find what they believe to be a safe haven.  They soon discover that the safe zone is anything but safe, as they embark on a deadly struggle with the occupants of the compound, which are directed by motivational speaker Bill Wilhelm (Rob Nesbitt). 
First of, Iíll have to confess that I never saw Meat Market 1, which is a good thing, because if itís anything like the sequel, I donít want to waste my time.  With that written, let me explain myself.  I enjoyed watching MM 2Ö, when it was called Day of the Dead.  For those of you who donít know of Day of the Dead, it is a very good zombie film that was directed by George Romero in 1985.  MM 2 mirrors Day of the Dead in almost every way, except in quality.  The dialogue is down-right awful.  Iím pretty sure none of the cast read the script before filming, as it seemed they were reading directly off the cue cards.  I also became confused at some points in the movie, due to lack of story development.  Believe it or not, I did enjoy some aspects of the film.  The makeup on the zombies was impressive, and one can tell that the directors were aware of this, as 2 minutes wouldnít pass without shots of zombies walking around aimlessly.  There were also some funny/sickening (depending on your tastes) scenes in the movie, including a ďmammothĒ shower scene and a great dream sequence at the end.  MM 2 stars Claire Westby, Allison Therriault, and Stephen Eng. Extras include: 2 audio commentary tracks, behind the scenes featurette, trailers, still gallery, and RCANA membership test.  One extra that is noticeably absent from this DVD is a movie that doesnít suck. -C Clark



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