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(Sub Rosa) Horror. Canít remember how long this one is, figure 90 or so minutes. Not Rated, gore, nudity. Flesh eating zombies are roaming the city and only two former security guards know why. Hoping to expose the culprits, Shahrokh and Argenta join forces with three hot vampire wannabes and a washed up Mexican wrestler (who just happens to have a table saw in his shytty little apartment) and fight side by side to bring forth justice. Together, they take on the authorities and the rotting, smelly zombies to save the earth from becoming one big human buffet.
Meat Market is one of those independent movies that teeters on the bad b-movie/good b-movie fence. Fortunately, Meat Market teeters more to the good side of that fence due to the gore, action, and vampire chicks. The gore is terribly fantastic (my brother said that whenever a zombie bit into flesh, it sounded like someone chomping an apple) and is present throughout about 95% of the movie. Hey, if youíre going to make a zombie gore movie, might as well do it right. The acting is your usual b-movie fare, but the women who get naked do so very nicely. In a very self centered way, the best thing about his movie is the special effects make-up guy Nick Sheehan. After all, he has the same last name as me. Why is that so cool? You see, unless it has to do with heavy drinking and bar fights (and in most of those cases, itís my father), the name Sheehan is never seen or read anywhere. No, I am kidding. Thatís not the best thing about this movie. Meat Marketís production quality is actually the best thing going here. The lighting, sound, and effects are all great. I must write, I loved the vampire chicks storyline..imagine that! Even more funnerer was the sloppy Mexican wrestler who fought side by side with the vamps. The DVD also includes commentary by Director Brian Clement and Sheehan, but I listened to it after becoming fairly wasted and do not remember much of it. How professional and adult of me is that? Very cool indie, gore romp. Ė Denis Sheehan



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