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(Site) 63 minutes. Not rated. Gore, nudity, troubling images. Christopher (Billy Drago) returns to Japan to find the love of his life who he had met years earlier in a brothel. Without success, Christopher finds his way to a secluded island oozing with debauchery and prostitutes. Unable to find his beloved Komomo, Christopher is drawn to a quiet prostitute with a deformed face who knows of his true love, and reveals her own horrific past which forces him to pay a penance for his past discretions. 
This installment of Masters of Horror was deemed, by Showtime, too offensive and controversial for American audiences and was not aired during its inaugural season. While I wasn’t offended by Imprint, I can understand Showtime’s decision. I am the most jaded douche when it comes to movies (and life in general), but Imprint, brilliantly directed by Takashi Miike, had me gritting my teeth and uttering swear words, and I rarely swear. Without giving anything away, the direction of Imprint takes several unexpected turns with each being a bit more insane than its predecessor. Trust me, I am aching to let the spoilers fly for discussion sake, but the less the viewer knows going in, the better. The Japanese sets are wonderful, the cast impressive, and Billy Drago magnificent. The “making of’ featurette is great, and even warns viewers to watch the feature first due to spoilers. I waited about five months for my online rental site to send this DVD to me, and it was well worth the wait. – Denis Sheehan



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