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(Cult Epics) 1984. Drama.  88 Minutes. Not Rated. We are given a peek into the Manson family through a fictitious set of family movies.  The home movies cover many of the infamous events that occurred in the family during the late 1960’s. 
I have seen a lot of great movies in my time, but unfortunately, this is not one of them.  I enjoyed how the movie was shot; it had the feel of an old home movie.  That however, is the only enjoyment that I got out of the movie.  By far, my biggest complaint is the complete lack of dialogue.  I understand back then home cameras did not have audio, or so I think, but it is hard to make a movie without dialogue.  Not being a Charles Manson historian, I had no idea what was going on in half the scenes.  I am also not a fan of the soundtrack that was chosen to play through the entire film.  One strange thing that I found to be humorous was the quote on the back of the DVD case praising the attention to detail in the movie.  I mention this because in the opening credits when the actors are introduced, a piece of paper clearly reads that the movie is “staring”, not starring.  That is some fine attention to detail.  Extras include director’s commentary, LAPD murder photos, and an interview with Charles Manson.  I’ll have to add that I usually don’t watch/enjoy the extras, but the photos were quite awesome, and the interview gives you a good glimpse into the mind of Charles Manson.  Too bad the filmmakers made a movie on an interesting series of events, about a fascinating character, from a creative angle so damn crappy.   – C Clark



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