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(Seduction Cinema) Erotic horror. Total time approx 3 hours. Not rated. Nudity, sexual situations. This is where I usually type a brief plot synopsis for the move reviewed. However, and this may annoy writer/director Tony Marsiglia, I was so distracted by the bevy of NAKED WOMEN that the plot just didn’t stick with me.
OK, the plot concerns an unhappy, nutty lesbo (Misty Mundae), who’s drugged out of her mind courtesy (I just had the hardest fucking time spelling that word) her man-wanna-be lover (Julian Wells), being seduced by a female Dracula (Darian Caine-who perches herself, naked, on a window sill like nobody’s business!).  Damn, one sentence, four sets of parenthesis; that may be a new record! As you may deduce from what I previously wrote, this flic is loaded with nudity and soft core lesbian action. Compared with past Seduction Cinema releases, Lust for Dracula pushes the envelope a bit more with “better” views and touching (touching as in fingers, not sensitivity bo’shyte) scenes. A change I greatly enjoyed, in fact. While it was hard to watch my sweet Julian act all guy like, I did enjoy watching Misty act nutty and dopey. Yes, nothing hotter than a nutty, dopey..ummm…hot chick. Although, in the interview extra, Misty reveals that she has a boyfriend. That loud crack you heard on Nov 2 wasn’t (former) Senator Tom Daschle’s spirit being broken, ah, but it was my heart after hearing Misty speak those words. Hey, knock it off! I had a chance, you know. As far as the lighting, sound, and weird suppose to be a baby thing; the production values are better than your average independent fare. Along with the Misty interview I already informed you of, extras include: commentary by the Director and Producer, a behind the scenes doc, trailers, and a short film. I know this review is about as sloppy as it is unfocused, but I sure as shyt made my point. Now didn’t I? – Denis Sheehan



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