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LUCINDAíS SPELL (ADV Films) DVD. Fantasy/black comedy. 105 minutes. Rated R, mild violence, nudity. A bunch of loony witches in New Orleans compete in a spell contest to determine who will be the lucky one chosen to bare the child of Jason, the last living descendent of Merlin. Lucinda, who is a witch and a prostitute, has other vested interests in Jason and tries her best to get his attention. Not helping Lucinda in her quest, is a spell that another witch has put on her and the problems she is having with the orphanage where she placed her son years ago. Jason also has his own problems; an area thug wants his blood for itís magical powers and the frontrunner in the spell contest is a complete bitch, although she does give one hell of a blowjob. Which witch (that sounds funny) will win the contest, and will Jason be happy enough with her to have a child?
     If I didnít know any better, Iíd swear David Lynch directed this flic. There are a lot of odd and out of place things happening here, but they are done in a way that makes it all seem ok. The dialog between the witches is hilarious, especially between Lucinda and the bitchy witch Beatrice. Jon Jacobs, who also wrote and directed, does a great job as Jason. He is just your normal horny guy who likes to get drunk and use his magical powers, on women no less. Christina Fulton nicely portrays the sexy Lucinda, but her inflated lips look kind of ridiculous. I think she over did her injections a tad. She does have a hot body and, although she fails to share it with us on screen, her role is most arousing. Fans of David Lynch and John Waters will surly dig this flic because of itís shear oddness and entertaining characters. The soundtrack is also worth noting with songs by The Cramps, Hendrix, PJ Harvey, Mojo Nixon, and many other cool performers. Lucindaís Spell is a great independent flic worthy of endless midnight showings for those looking for something new, fun, odd, and entertaining. Ė Denis Sheehan


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