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LORD OF THE G-STRINGS (Seduction Cinema) Erotic parody. Approx 90 minutes. Not Rated, nudity, sexual situations. Accepting the responsibility given to her by the drunken wizard Smirnoff, Throbit Dildo Saggins (Misty Mundae) leaves her village to destroy the magical G-String. Along for the ride are Dildo’s two pals Hornee (Darian Caine) and Spam (AJ Khan). Embarking on their quest through Diddle Earth, the sensual threesome must fight the dreaded Dorc Forces and the evil Wizard Sourasse. However, the path to the G-Strings' destruction is also littered with hot women who love lesbian sex. 
                Having watched many Seduction Cinema spoofs, I can honestly write that G-Strings is perhaps their funniest and most clever work of parody. The character names alone are worth the watch. Following the usual SC template, G-Strings is intertwined with goofiness, female nudity, and plenty of soft-core girl on girl action. Not taking any hints from The Lord of the Rings, G-String is basically shot in someone’s backyard (same backyard as many other SC releases) and is certainly not the visual twin it spoofs. Hey Sir Dorkus, this baby is an indi flic! Although, there is some computer graphic effects that I have not seen in past SC releases. Then……there’s Misty.  The DVD includes a making of documentary, a behind the scenes featurette, trailers, and even a music video by some band. Oh, there’s a hidden “Link” or two for you to search for (you’ll get the Link thing when you find it). One of Seduction Cinema’s finest. – Denis Sheehan
note; there is also an R rated version of this movie available.



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