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(First Run Features) 2003/2005. Documentary. 75 minutes. Not rated. First elected to Congress (4th District, MA) in 1981, Democrat Barney Franks is known for his intelligence, wit, outspokenness, and for being one of the first openly gay members in politics, never mind the House of Representatives. Early in his career, Frank was hit with a scandal that appeared to jeopardize his livelihood but his openness, truthfulness, and speech on the floor of the House saved him. Years later, Rep. Frank was an instrumental figure in the Clinton impeachment hearings and was a media favorite due to his witty and often amusing one liners. To this day, Barney Frank continues to be a media darling while still commanding respect from both sides of the aisle.
For two years, Bart Everly tailed Rep. Barney Frank capturing candid moments and personal interviews which he strung together with government footage to construct Letís Get Frank. While I found all the Barney Frank stuff interesting and amusing, though none of it is new to me as I am very familiar with Rep. Frank, the doc kind of loses its way with the obviously biased take on the President Clinton impeachment hearings. Sure, itís great to take Barney Frank out of context to showcase his witty humor and unique way of thinking, but to take others out of context simply skews the facts. However, it is very interesting listening to those who thought that if Clinton had handled his ďscandalĒ as Frank handled his, he would have fared much better than he did. Unlike other reviewers, I do not think Letís Get Frank is a good or even fair look at Congress, but it does give viewers a great dosage of one of its best characters, Rep. Frank. Now, I am not sure how this DVD will fly with those who are not familiar with Barney Frank or not a Democrat or not a political junkie, so go bite me or something. I enjoyed it. Golly, I have a great story that I witnessed first hand concerning Barney Frank, but Iím afraid to put it here. Ė Denis Sheehan



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