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(No Shame Films-defunt) 1976. Unrated. Italo Crime Film. Lots of guns, gals and blood the Italian Crime Cinema way. Marco (Boxer Carlos Monzon) hitchhikes into town carrying a music box with pictures of two women and a single, small, white rose. Once in town,  he proceeds to pit the two big crime families of the Manzettis and the Belmondos against one another. His only motivation is revenge and the price for payment is blood; lots of blood.
   The Last Round is a fine example of 70’s Italian cinema. Lead Monzon comes across as a simmering Charles Bronson type. His emotions are never more than pure rage even when he seems to be in a good mood you can see the violence waiting to erupt.  His nemesis Rico Manzetti is played by Luc Merenda who brings his pretty boy looks to a psychotic crime boss. As a bonus we get a small documentary of Luc in his antique shop where he has been an antique dealer for the last twenty years.  A very cool insight into the life of the actor, but whoever was in charge of the camera needs some practice. I thought they were having some kind of seizure. In the end, No Shame Films once again proves why they are the leader in bringing these classics to an appreciative audience. And don’t miss the bonus disc ‘The Eclectic Ultimate Cinedelic Experience’, a CD of classic tunes from seventies Italian action films as performed by Entropia. -Douglas A. Waltz



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