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(Last Exit Productions) 2003. Crime Drama 92 Minutes. Unrated.  Full of realistic gore, sexual situations and drug use. Nigel is the ultimate loser;  He sucks so bad at crime he has to flee London with his wife Maria to Copenhagen to start a new life.  While she does her best to keep a straight job, Nigel finds that all he can do is crime.  Maria's drug use is affecting her work so Nigel is pressed to find some form of employment.  Then he is introduced to crime lord and local pornographer, The President.  The President has an unnatural habit of collecting eyeballs from people that screw him over.  Nigel is soon sucked into the world of crime and this time he also becomes involved with one of the porn stars, Tanya (a wonderfully erotic performance by the beautiful Gry Bay ).  His drug use and adultery spiral out of control and with the announcement of his wife's impending pregnancy, Nigel promptly loses it.  What happens next must be experienced to fully enjoy this dark and disturbing film. 
Last Exit is a fantastic film!  When I heard that it was made for about 2000 dollars I was in shock.  It looks great.  The imagery is fantastic and the performances by the actors are dead on.  Nigel is the least sympathetic character to appear on film in quite some time.  He makes NAPOLEON DYNAMITE look like a sweet, understanding teenager.  Add to that his natural laziness when it comes to looking for employment and you find yourself too fascinated not to watch.  And if you're running away from crime, maybe Copenhagen shouldn't be your first choice.  If drugs are legal in that neck of the woods then the criminals can only find more dangerous things to do with their time.  I did find it humorous that Nigel's dealer, Jimmy, takes time to spout off all these metaphysical, philosophical meanderings of the mind while Nigel just waits impatiently for his weed.  None of the wisdom of the dealer is imparted to the hopeless junkie. There are parts of the film that I found hilarious, but since they deal with the ending and I hate to give things away, I'll just leave it at that.  You must see this film and experience it for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.  The DVD I reviewed is just a screener, which is a shame.  I would love to hear how they managed to pull off this minor masterpiece on such a low budget.  A definite first rate film by some very talented people. - Douglas A. Waltz



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