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(Sub Rosa) Rock N Roll Horror. No nudity, some gore and special effects similar to a really bad Power Rangers Episode. Not Rated. Heavy metal persona Jon Mikl Thor is The Intercessor. He has fought the hard fight against demons for twenty years and now has become a mere mortal. He needs the power of two innocents, Harold (Brad Pope) and Laura (Mellisa Ellingham) to reactivate his Intercessor power so that he may defeat Mephisto and Zompira along with The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Oh yeah, and there’s this wild space woman in the flick as well.
  Does this sound like the coolest damn movie ever? You know it does. Then I watched it. The effects are grade school. The film is the worst shot on video dreck that I have ever seen. Jon Mikl Thor looks like Big Daddy Pump from the WWE and must tip the scales around three hundred. It is funny where this single tree branch proceeds to kick his ass, that and his rubber armor made me nostalgic for the first episodes of Power Rangers when they were real crappy and no one cared.  And Brad Pope as Harold. Never in my life have I seen such oily, screechy, over acting before in my life. We’re supposed to feel sorry for this self absorbed loser? I think not. I cringed every time we had to watch what he thought was acting. Painful, that’s what it was. Painful. And, upon reading an interview with Jon Mikl Thor his very self I learned that the budget of the film was around …$250,000? What? No way! Thor, dude, you got ripped off. Hell, every time they couldn’t afford a special effect, like the aforementioned Space Woman, they just showed drawings of what it was supposed to look like. Hell, I could make a better film with this budget and have enough left over to buy a house. I cannot express deeply enough how bad this movie was. Only someone like me with my years of absorbing bad films could even hope to survive a single viewing. What chance do you normal types out there with lives have? Stay away from this movie. The decision you make could save your very soul! -Douglas A. Waltz



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