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(Retro Seduction Cinema) DVD. Drama. 1967. Black and White.  84 minutes. NR, nudity.  After her mother dies, 16 year old Inga (Marie Liljedahl) moves in with her 32 year old aunt Greta. Not a big deal, but the sweet Inga immediately draws the attention of Karl, Greta’s 24 year old mopey boyfriend who’s spending all of her money, and a older wealthy dirtbag greasy looking bastard named Einar (pictured). Needing money to support Karl’s lifestyle, Greta basically rents out Inga to Einar, who digs younger women, as a companion. However, Inga has her eye on Karl, who just bought a boat using Greta’s money.
In 1967, this movie was reported as being very controversial and very erotic, and I’m sure it was. However, we are a long way from 1967 and this movie can no longer be considered controversial or erotic. In fact, I found this flic to be more of a comedy than anything else. I was laughing at the Austin Powers “lets swing baby” atmosphere and the unintentional funny dialog. One of the funniest lines in the movie is spoken by an older woman to Greta; “You’re only just 30, and you don’t even look fat.” Poor Greta is also refereed to as an “old hag” by some young busty bimbo blonde.  Knowing that I have even less rhythm than Steve Martin in The Jerk, I realize that I have no right making fun of the way anyone dances, but god damn people in the 1960s danced funny. There is some nudity and a few minor sexual situations, but nothing that will make you raise an eyebrow. One the plus side, Marie Liljedahl is a doll (that’s not Marie on the DVD cover, that’s Misty Mundae. Marie is below.) and she does show some skin. The DVD includes; uncut English dubbed version; Swedish language version with English subtitles, two trailers, outtakes, commentary by Director Joseph Sarno and others, and an audio interview with Marie Liljedahl. Fans of 60’s art house erotica will enjoy Inga as it hits all the sparks of that decades culture.- Denis Sheehan



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