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IN THE FLESH/BLOOD BULLETS BUFFOONS (Seduction Cinema) DVD. Stripper Documentary. Total running time is 180 minutes. In the Flesh is an approx hour long documentary on a few strippers. Most notably Amy Lynn (Penthouse Pet, always on Howard Stern) and Ashley Gere (Penthouse Pet, porn). There are two other women, but I forget their names. The strippers generally talk about what it’s like to be a “dancer,” how much money they make, how they feel about the men who gawk at them, what their family/friends think about them stripping, drugs, sex, and other various topics of discussion. We are also treated to some of the strippers’ work; shower dances and oil dances. Blood Bullets Buffoons is a story about a goofy bastard going to jail for his back stabbing friend and enacting revenge (I think, I couldn’t make it through this one).
              I found In the Flesh to be rather amusing. The women appear to be honest with their answers because they actually talk about having off nights and not making much money. I nearly died laughing when Amy Lynn proclaimed that she was going to be a movie star. And I’m going to win a Pulitzer one day! God she’s funny. This DVD also includes longer versions of the strippers’ performing. Oh, all the action is topless. I’m not even going to discuss BBB. The flic started out ok, but after about 30  minutes, I just had to stop. Too bad, I like the main actor. He funny. The stripper doc is ok and the extra dance scenes are ok as well. I’m not a boob guy though and all the nudity is topless action… If you’re into strippers and strip joints, check this out. – Denis Sheehan


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