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(Cult Epics) 1986. Drama/thriller. 108 minutes. In Spanish w/English subtitles. Not Rated. After a successful career of raping and murdering Jewish children in a Nazi concentration camp, Klaus continues his scummy life of murder and rape while living incognito in Spain. However, shame and disgust finally prevail and ol’ Klaus decides to take his own life.  Unfortunately, Klaus fails in his suicide attempt. On the plus side, Klaus renders himself paralyzed from the neck down and must live his remaining days stuck in an iron lung. Desperately needing help to care for her husband, Griselda hires Angelo, who she thinks is a male nurse. Alas, Griselda’s choice turns fatal as Angelo picks up where Klaus left off with the sexual ickiness and murder.
In a Glass Cage is one humdinger of a disturbing movie. Even worse is how “beautifully” director Augustin Villarogna pulls this movie off without being overly graphic. Although, when dealing with the subject this movie deals with, even the subtlest of scenes is enough to trouble anyone with half a brain and heart. There are a number of scenes I really want to write about, but if I do, it will ruin things if you happen to watch this DVD. Therefore, I hope you will take my word for it. The whole atmosphere of the movie is dragged even lower due to the dank array of dark and dull colors, which is enhanced by the DVD’s clear picture. DVD extras include an interview with the director and a four-page liner notes pullout. Yes, this is a good movie, but it is not a good time. – Denis Sheehan



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