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(Troma) DVD. Horror. Approx 90 minutes. NR, gore, nudity. Sixteen years ago, cult leader David was sent to prison for murder and other acts of mayhem. Now, he has been released and getting back together with a few of his faithful followers to continue where they left off. Ah-ha! Things will not be easy as one of David’s past followers (I forget his name-that’s how memorable this movie is) is determined to stop any future plans of destruction.
Either the makers of this “film” where bad at their jobs, or they wanted the viewer to think they were bad. This movie is one big fat mess, but I’m unsure if it’s meant to be that way. The director of continuity must have been smoking crack because things are so sloppy. One shot will show some dude with blood all over his face, then one second later, the guy’s cleaner than Mr. Clean’s shiny bald head. The audio volume is so jumpy you’ll hurt your finger screwing with the volume control on your remote control. If you don’t have a remote control, just forget it. On to the movie itself. First off, the leader of the cult is named David and Igor is actually one of his followers, albeit his wackiest follower. Shouldn’t the movie be called “David and the Lunatics?” And what’s the deal with people just wondering around? The lunatics will be walking around the woods, and all of a sudden, the female star will be there for no reason. Same thing with a little boy. Weak. Although, they did kill the boy and children never get killed in horror movies. One the positive side, you’ll cry laughing when you see David butt end a chick in the face with a pitchfork. I swear it is the funniest thing in the world. There are a slew of extras included on the DVD, but nothing worth getting into. In my opinion, although Igor had its very few moments, you’d be better off doing something else, anything else. – Denis Sheehan


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