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(Cult Epics) 1973. aka J’irai Comme un Cheval Fou.Weird drama. 90 minutes. Not Rated (not recommended for those younger than 18). In French with English subtitles. After the death of his wacko, controlling mother, Aden flees society and aimlessly roams the desert looking for the meaning of life. Amongst the vast openness of the desert, Aden runs into a hermit named Marvel, who has the ability to communicate with animals, bugs, and even the sun. Sensing his need for help, Marvel teaches Aden how to enjoy the simpler things of life and the joy one can achieve by appreciating living life with the world. Wanting more for Marvel, Aden takes him to “civilization” to bestow upon him the finer aspects of material life; money, women, and a nifty luxury apartment. Still the student, Aden watches and reacts to Marvel’s reaction to life in the big smelly city.
                Take the oddball weirdness of a Werner Herzog or David Lynch movie and throw in some truly crude scenes and you have “I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse.” It is a rare event when I shake my head in disgust and say “why the hell was that in there?” while watching a movie. However, I did just that many times while watching this DVD. Other than being completely grossed out over Marvel’s absolutely sickening big toe toenail, I am not going to get into the crude scenes. Trust me, they are 8 million times worse than the toenail thing. In a troubling sort of way, I was most intrigued by Marvel. He is a tiny man with a big head who looks a lot like John Oats from Hall and Oats (very popular 80’s duo).  I was also most amused by a woman describing Marvel as “a nauseating dwarf” and “a disgusting midget.” Of course, this was after Marvel playfully tried to sit on her head. There is an anti-society, or at least an anti conforming to society message going on here. DVD extras include; an interview with director Fernando Arrabal, trailer, lobby card gallery, etc. Hey, why didn’t anyone in the big smelly city even blink an eye at Marvel’s goat? Lots of odd, crude, and funny stuff going on here. – Denis Sheehan



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