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(Sub Rosa Extreme) Horror. 70 minutes. NR, all sorts of nasty junk. After willingly meeting up with, and having sex with, her ex-boyfriend who has just broken out of prison, Sandy soon realizes she’s in a world of doodie when she sees three men tied up and drugged in her loverboy’s cellar. Not wanting to become another victim, Sandy single handedly overthrows her captor and kills him. Knowing all three tied up men due to certain histories with each one of them, Sandy takes it upon herself to not let them go-surprise-but to torture and kill them all. One by one she humiliates, tortures, and kills the men.
As you may have guessed by its title, this movie takes the revenge exploitation movies from the 70s and has a little fun with them, in a very nasty, extreme way. This movie was made for one reason; to capture as many vile, disgusting, and unsettling shots as possible while not copying past genre flic. The scenes here are one of a kind and will have you ashamed with yourself for watching them. Puking, male anal rape, penis burning with a cigarette butt (child abusers will enjoy that scene), shyting (scene added at the request of French investors-figures), stabbing, etc. I Spit… is just one long gross out, stomach churner. The effects are great and the camera work is unnerving due to director Eric Stanze’s (Ice From the Sun, Scrapbook) decision to let you rot with the scenes and not cut away from anything. The DVD extras include a behind the scenes featurette (kiss arse time), a funny info bit about the director being questioned by the police about all too real looking body parts disposed in a dumpster, and a few trailers (yes, there’s more of this stuff coming from Sub Rosa Extreme).  You may want to hold off on the nachos and bean dip before  or during the viewing of this one. Fantastic mindless fodder at its best!- Denis Sheehan



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