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HOMEMADE MONSTER (Scumbag Movies) 2009 (?). Musical horror. 50 minutes. Not rated. Silly gore, nudity. Things open with an arguing couple, which leads to the man flipping his girl the bird, calling her a cunt, and packing his bags to beat feet. However, girlie-who constantly shows skin throughout- has other plans and with the help of her alluring sex appeal, drugs, and sharp things…she begins to build the perfect man: heart, brain, and large ding-a-ling-ding-dong.
  Sure, the plot is a mish mash of
Frankenstein’s Monster and Rocky Horror Picture Show, but Homemade Monster’s kick is that its story is told through rock-a-billy music! Ya baby! Shot over a three day period for about $400, the flick does have its flaws (easily overlooked flaws), but this is one damn fun featurette to watch. You have to love the brand name beer can covered with wide white tape with “Beer” scribbled across it. Oh, the nerdy momma’s boy bartender is a smashing character. Extras include videos by the bands who lend the happenin’ music.  – Denis Sheehan




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