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(Brain Damage Films) Drama.  110 minutes. Rated R.  Sexual Situations, Drugs. Hollywood Vampyr tells the tale of the young female vampire Fatal, a former heroin addict, who has embraced the underground gothic subculture.  She decides to leave the "family" and break free from their depraved world with the help of her college tutor Tom.  Standing in the way is Blood, the dominant coven leader whom she is unwillingly bound to. Against Professor Fulton's warnings, Tom finds Fatal's world increasingly seductive.  As Fatal gradually loses the only person she trusts, she suddenly discovers destiny has other wicked plans. 
     This movie surprised me.   By looking at the cover art for this movie, along with the title "Hollywood Vampyrs," I wrongly assumed this was going to be something of a horror movie. It actually played more like an ABC After School Special on steroids.  It a had a very heavy theme (it's painful to be an outsider when you are a teen) that it continually (and forcefully) feeds you all through the movie.  On the box cover it says that this was based on a series of true events.  I know that at one time or another II have read about kids getting mixed up into cults that end up in tragedy.  And, that is pretty much what you get here.  This movie really is a message movie.  Don't go into a cult.  Don't do drugs.  It's O.K. to be yourself and not be accepted by the norm.  I think that if you are looking for a movie that is heavy handed with it's themes and takes itself WAY to seriously than this movie is for you.  Don't get me wrong, it did have it's moments (both supplied by actor Jeff Marchelletta).  The problem was there were too few moments and they really had nothing to do with the story.  The acting was good and the production values were just O.K.  At times it was hard to hear some of the dialogue.  I think the bottom line is that at the end of the movie I thought "Is that it?"  Why did I just sit through this movie?  There was some character growth, but really nothing that drove the movie.  All in all, I would not recommend Hollywood Vampyr.  – Devin Mauldin



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