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(Sub Rosa) Horror/Comedy Spoof. 95 minutes. Not rated. Recent college graduate Herman Schumacher suddenly finds himself in a world of doody; all of his belongings have been stolen, he can’t go home because his parents beat feet on vaca, his best friend won’t let him stick around, and he has no other choice but to move into a house were people have mysteriously disappeared. Even worse, living inside the house is a sock-stealing monster!
Ok, this movie is a hard one to review because I both liked and disliked it. It seems to me that this flic is an extreme parody poking fun at all those horror spoofs that have been popular over the past few years. However, the comedy isn’t that humorous and I soon found myself rather bored with the story. Yes, I did laugh a few times, but not enough to get into things. Now, what I really like and admire about this movie is the production work. If you’re going to make an indi b-movie, watch and learn! Although I didn’t find it all that funny, the script is well written and avoids annoying time fillers (needless scenes, slow motion garbage, etc.) Lots of dialog going on here. The sound is great, which is very uncommon for these types of ultra-low budget movies. The lighting and camera shoots are also great. In short, I loved the way the movie was produced, but not the movie itself. DVD extras include; commentary by director Worm Miller, making of featurette (which is funny), alternate ending, trailer, and a bonus short titled “Magma Head.” – Denis Sheehan



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