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. Six DVD set. 1958/59. Western. Not Rated. Paladin (Richard Boone), the gunslinger for hire, is back for more Western action, romance, and bare knuckle knockouts. Whenever hired by those who need help, Paladin rides into town to right the wrongs, and to woo the pants of the broads.
Like Season One, Season Two is made up of 39 episodes. The major difference between the first and second seasons is how much more aggressive Paladin is both with fighting and the ladies. Paladin also gets the shyt kicked out of him on more than one occasion. The bad dudes also do not automatically fear Paladin as they did in season one, which makes things a bit more realistic. Oh yes, gone are the obvious butt shots that overwhelmed season one (yes, you’ll have to read that review, too). Guest stars in Season Two include; Charles Bronson, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., Suzanna Pleshette, and the lovable Morey Amsterdam. Each episode includes background/cast info. Watch out for the episode mix-up within the DVD case…how the feck does that happen? – Denis Sheehan



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