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AMMER HOUSE OF HORROR (Synapse Films)  1980.  Horror Anthology.  702 minutes.  English.  Not Rated.  The complete collection of the first and only run of the Hammer House of Horror series from 1980 tells "tales of terror from the legendary British film studio."  From a time-traveling malevolent witch to a heart-eating femme fatale, the Roy Skeggs created and produced anthology explores the different dark corners of horror straight from the new Hammer Horror location the Hampden Manor House.
   Synapse's remastered 5-disc DVD release is one of the miraculous marvels of man-made achievements!  Coincide that feat with some of the most notable and recognizable names in not only Hammer Horror's repertoire of actors but also from Hollywood roster.  Britain's best including the iconic Peter Cushing (1958's "Dracula), Denholm Elliott ("Raiders of the Lost Ark"), Brian Cox ("Manhunter"), Patricia Quinn ("The Rocky Horror Picture Show"), and even a young Pierce Bronson ("Goldeneye") with special appearance from the American, "Dark Shadows" actress Kathryn Leigh Scott are just some this collection's star studded actors who appear in distinctive tales of gothic macabre horror.  Each of the 13 episodes have a runtime of 51-minutes and Synapse also includes a new episode introduction from film historian Shane M. Dallman along with other bonus material including "Grave Recollections:  A Visit with Kathryn Leigh Scott," "Hammer Housekeeping:  A Visit with Mia Nadasi," and an animated still gallery.  "Hammer House of Horror" is quintessential to any Hammer fanatics who love to knock back episodes directed by "Tastes the Blood of Dracula's" Peter Sasday or "The Satanic Rites of Dracula's" Alan Gibson.  At least with Skeggs' anthology, you get more than just another Dracula frightfest of horror with ventures into the multi-levels of fearful realm. – Steven Lewis


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