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GOTO, ISLAND OF LOVE (Cult Epics) 1969. 90 minutes. Unrated. Black and White, subtitled, mild eroticism and heavy handed politics. Goto Island of Love tells the tale of the legendary island of Goto , ruled by the iron fist of Goto III and yes, both his father and grandfather also ruled the island and they had the same name. As a matter of fact, it seems that everyone on the island of Goto has a name that begins with G. Goto III’s lovely bride is Glyssia and the man she saves from execution and falls in love with is Grozo. That is pretty much the story for this film.
   Shot in a style reminiscent of old silent films, even though it was made in 1969, the movie looks much older. The acting is even a lot like the old silent films. In watching Goto, it is evident that the director has come from an animation background. Did I mention that the director is Walerian Borowczyk? Now, before you get all in a tizzy over the guy who gave us the 1975 feature The Beast (La Bete), let me tell you this is nothing like that film.  In Goto, Walerian is using the medium of film to illustrate the oppression of government. So, no really hot naked chicks running around doing nasty things with men in hairy monster suits. Okay there are a few glimpses of the eroticism that would haunt a lot of Walerian’s later work, but this is pretty tame stuff.   Overall, it comes across as dull and thoroughly boring. Go buy The Beast instead. More bang for your buck and not nearly as much pretentiousness as this film. Included on the disc is a twelve minute animated short entitled Astronautes, which shows off Walerian’s exceptional skills as an animator.  - Douglas A. Waltz



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