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(Brain Damage Films) Horror. Approx 90 minutes.  Rated R, violence, brief nudity. Chrissy and her boyfriend Boone are two Gothic teens who enjoy doing drugs as much as they enjoy the Goth lifestyle. While Gothing out at a nightclub one night, a scantily clad female named Goth (Phoebe Dollar) approaches Chrissy and offers her and Boone free drugs. Of course, the two join Chrissy-even after watching this 80lb chick tear apart two huge thug muggers-for a little sniff and a joyride in the back of her 1970s “if it’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’” van. However, the joyride soon turns into a ride from hell as Goth kidnaps the two Gothheads and make them bear witness to her treachery; ie murder, torture, forced sex, etc.                 
     Although I can’t place my finger on it, Goth lacked something that just made this movie unfun. I’m not sure if it took itself too seriously or what, but I just didn’t have a good time watching this flic. Maybe it was Goth’s (the lead bad chick) nonstop babbling about her two victims being posers and not hard core Goth heads; I hate when people call others posers, everyone is a poser in one way or another. As I wrote in the plot summary, Goth looks as if she weighs 80lbs soaking wet (hmmm..I wouldn’t mind seeing her soaken wet..Phoebs babe, make your next flic a bikini, beach movie), yet nobody even attempts to crush her sweet little head. Everyone just lets her push them around without even putting up a fight. And hey, who the hell was driving the van? In all honesty, this isn’t a bad indi horror flic. It just lacks that certain something…..- Denis Sheehan



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