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(Blue Underground) 2004. Drama. 98 Minutes. Not Rated. Nudity and pervert sexual situations abound. Peter, a married man and successful psychotherapist, has a thing with Suzanne, who’s a professional dominatrix. After meeting at an S&M Dungeon, where there are rules of etiquette to abide by, the two agree to meet on the outside to forgo the safety rules. Now, all the emotional baggage that brought them together in the first place has no restrictions as they explore their bizarre relationship beyond their usual comfort zone.
  This is a twisted little flick with some of the most realistic bondage scenes I have ever seen in a movie. It makes you feel like you are watching an actual bondage couple. The two leads give hyper realistic performances that draw you in from the very beginning. While I’m not a huge bondage fan, I do enjoy a little tied up girl action. This film explores the darker side of bondage and makes for pretty disturbing viewing. Blue Underground gives us some nice extras including a commentary track by the director, Eric Werthman. There are interviews with the two leads as well as a look at New York City’s Black and Blue Ball to sort of put the proceedings in perspective. Going Under is definitely a class act and Blue Underground gives it the special attention we come to expect from them. -Douglas A. Waltz  



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