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(Blue Underground) 1976. 92 minutes. Not Rated, violence. After a sudden rash of bizarre murders, a repressed Catholic cop (Tony Lo Bianco) dives headfirst into the investigation and discovers way more than what he bargained for.
As you may gather from all the energy and time I put into the plot synopsis, I wasnít all that impressed with this movie. There were a few scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed: the sniper atop the water tower picking off people left and right with a high powered rifle, a cool scene featuring Andy Kaufman (yes, that Andy Kaufman), and a pivotal Black pool hall scene. Mind you, I didnít dig the pool hall scene due to itís major hintage as to what the hell is going on, but simply because I love the way movies depict a 1970ís pool hall frequented by Black clientele. Although the movie didnít do it for me, the commentary by director Larry Cohen is funny, informative, and loaded with all sorts of entertaining junk.  You will recognize Tony Lo Bianco from The French Connection, and movie fans will be surprised to see a young Richard Lynch. Lynch has been in about 137 gazillion movie, and heís one ugly bahstud. So, I canít honestly recommend the movie, but I sure as hell do recommend Cohenís commentary! Other DVD extras include trailers, stills, etc. Ė Denis Sheehan



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