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(Seduction Cinema) Unrated and R rated versions available.  80 Minutes.  The usual Seduction Cinema fare of lots of hot chicks and funny situations.  Obviously a spoof of the Austin Powers sequel, it actually just cribs the title.  Our story leads us to Prof. Lavish and his discovery of the ancient Goddess of Lust.  Unfortunately, before he is able to thaw out and examine his find, she is stolen by his former associate, Dr. Unsound.  Dr. Unsound plans on cloning the Goddess, played by the lovely Anoushka, and selling her sexually charged clones to Middle Eastern sheiks looking for the best harem in the world.  While Dr. Lavish teams up with a priest, Secret Agent Johnson (Misty Mundae) is on the case.  They must stop the Goddess Orf Lust before she transforms all of Europe into-gasp- Lesbians.
The latest feature from Seduction Cinema is a dead on comedy.  The cast looks like they are having a blast and the bonus documentaries help reinforce that.  Misty is probably at her most gorgeous in this film and she excels at stretching her comedy muscles as Agent Johnson  The supporting cast are all hilarious and help make the film the top notch comedy it is.  As written above, the film comes in two versions.  I recommend buying the R rated version as it has a more fleshed out storyline and it comes with a coupon you can mail in and get the unrated version for the price of shipping and handling.  Never let it be said that Seduction Cinema doesn’t deliver.  Each version has its own set of extras as well, so you don’t double up on anything. The Girl Who Shagged Me is quality comedy with a fantastic cast, especially newcomer Rachel Travers.  Be sure to pick this one up. - Douglas A. Waltz



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