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SCHOOL (Camp Motion Pictures) 1990. Horror/Trash.  90 Minutes.  Unrated.    After breaking into the local high school to search for something, two men inadvertently release a toxic chemical into the school’s water system.  Anyone who comes into contact with the tainted water becomes a flesh eating, blue zombie type thing.  While the zombies wreak havoc on anyone walking the halls or gym, it is up to 2 nerds and a rock band to take back the school.
  Ghoul School is awful.  Not funny awful, just awful awful.  The filmmakers go over the top on trying to make this movie look b-movieish.  The editing is purposely choppy, the sound isn’t always in sync with the characters’ lips, and the effects are pitiful.  All these purposeful shortcomings make this film the lamest excuse for a b-movie I have ever seen.  Even the cameo of Jackie “the Joke Man” Martling (Howard Stern Radio Show) is lame.  There’s also a cameo from Joe Franklin, but I have no idea who he is, so I didn’t follow that bit.  For some reason, Ghoul School is being sold as part of the “Retro 80’s Horror Collection”, even though it was made in 1990.  Not quite sure how that works.  The DVD is packed with extras, including a making of Ghoul School , 3 commentary tracks, and a boatload of extra short films (4 to be exact).  Seeing that I could only get through 55 minutes of the movie before whipping the DVD at the wall, I did not get to review any of the extra features.  Do yourself a favor and invest your cash into something more exciting and useful, like duct tape and rope. – C Clark



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