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RHODE ISLAND (Film Threat DVD) 102 minutes. Not rated. Jacob Mattison, an acclaimed Hollywood actor, returns home to his small Rhode Island town to get his downward spiral of a life back in gear. Upon his arrival, numerous “friends” take advantage of Jacob’s return to hopefully get some notoriety from various media outlets to further their personal agendas. At the “welcome home” party, people from Jacob’s past and present surround him, and drive him mental.
Shot on the night of November 17, 2001 in full improvisation mode, Getting Out of Rhode Island is a unique film. On the other hand, it isn’t the least bit engaging as I found it impossible to care about any of the characters in the movie. Just imagine going to a party by yourself where you didn’t know a single soul: that’s what it’s like watching GOORI. The acting is ok and the production work is rather good, but the lack of a true story hinders this one. I’ve talked with a few people who found this movie to be a pure work of genius, but I failed to recognize it as such. However, I can appreciate the idea and the fact that all those involved were able to pull it off and complete the project. The DVD includes commentary from director Christain de Rezendes and others, a cast/crew reunion featurette, piece about the soundtrack performers, trailers, bios, etc. – Denis Sheehan



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