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Rated R. Violence, gore, nudity. Alright, we all know the deal with these movies and Jason Vorhees, so Iíll spare the individual movie details. Blood, killings, gore, naked chicks, twisted ankles, and a beat up hockey mask is what you get. I ask you, does it get any better?
This set is made up of five DVDs. Discs 1-4 contain the first eight Friday the 13th movies. The fifth DVD is jam packed with bonus features. Concerning the movies; parts six, seven, and eight include commentaries by the respective directors, with Kane Hodder joining in on part seven, and various cast members chat it up in part three. Yes, I like all of these movie, but parts one, two, and four stand out above the others. Due to its intense and wicked icky gore, Friday the 13th Part IV is one of my all time favorite slasher/horror flics! And you know youíll never forget that arrow being forced through a young Kevin Baconís neck in part one. Paramount has included a fifth disc with some nice extras; an approx 15-20 minute featurette for each movie (includes interviews with cast and crew) revealing lots of funny and interesting info, three gore featurettes, interviews with cast members, deleted scenes (that run side by side with the released movie, a look at some of the moviesí props and artifacts, and trailers for each of the movies. The interviews with the cast and crew are fun, but Corey Feldmen is his usual annoying self and it is obvious that FX master Tom Savini (a personal god of mine) partook to pimp his make-up effects school. Being a big dork, when I first read that this set was being released, I was actually excited. Now that Iíve watched just about every minute of this set, Iím certainly not disappointed and I sported one giant grin from start to finish. Ė Denis Sheehan



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