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FRANKENSTEIN VS THE CREATURE FROM BLOODY COVE (William Winckler Productions) Campy Horror/Comedy. Black and white. 90 minutes. Not Rated. A fiendish group of scientists, with good intentions, genetically develop a slimy sea creature with the hopes of using it to defeat the evil of the world. However, the creature escapes and eats hot models on the oceanside. At the same time, our lovable group of big brains, dig up the corpse of Frankensteinís Monster, bring him to California, and revive him. Along with failing to brainwash the Monster, the scientists take hostage a group of magazine workers who have stumbled upon the scientistsí lab and handy work. Falling in love, the Monster fights the scientistsí brainwashing techniques and before you know it, comes face to face with the sea creature and battles to the death. 
  Paying homage to those great 1950ís creature feature flicks, Frankenstein vs. the Creature From Bloody Cove does a pretty good job with the campy suits, ideas, and even the music has that creature feature annoyance (meant in a good way). The movie also includes some sweet naked chicks and some comic release via a chubby homosexual. While the production values are superb and acting above average, I was most blown away with the creatures costumes. The sea creature outfit has a perfect 50s feeling and the Monsterís get up is great and looks like how I think Marky Ramone would look if he were a zombie. Camera angles also mimic the older creature features; over the rocks and monster point of views while tearing victims to shyt. Extras include making of documentaries, additional footage, bloopers, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries. Fans of that 50ís genre that Iíve already written five thousand times will enjoy this DVD, as will fans of low budget horror. However, do not expect low budget results because these guys do a fine job. Ė Denis Sheehan

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