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FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE (Anchor Bay) DVD. 1975. Spaghetti Western. Approx 104 minutes. NR, slight gore, brief nudity. Directed by Lucio Fulci. After surviving a vigilante slaughter orchestrated by a small town sheriff, three men and one pregnant woman are set free from jail (why they were not included in the slaughter since they’re criminals is beyond me) to roam the harsh frontier on their own. After wondering around a few days, the foursome runs into Chaco, a lunatic who likes to torture and kill people. That being the case, Chaco tortures the four and leaves them for dead. However, the four escape death and wonder around some more. Sooner or later the woman gives birth… and this is where I lost complete interest in this movie. Therefore, my plot synopsis ceases here.
Three words sum up this DVD, waste-of-time. First off, the DVD cover claims that this version is uncut/uncensored one, but I didn’t see a single thing to warrant such a label. Aside from a quick breast shot, this movie could air on the Disney Channel. To make things worse, as we are bored to tears by the many scenes of the wondering foursome, a “Dust in the Wind” like soundtrack brutalizes us. Oh the humanity. On a positive note, Lynne Fredrick is one cutie! If you have any family or friends who are members of PETA, buy them this disc, as they will simply enjoy all the rabbit and bird killings. That Chaco has one mean shot. The DVD includes extras, but they are just about as useless as the main feature. Major league disappointment over here. – Denis Sheehan


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