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  (Seduction Cinema) 90 Minutes. Not Rated. Itís Seduction Cinema, do I really need to give you a rundown of what to expect. Lots of fake lesbian stuff. Happy now? Geez.
  Okay, Olivia is stuck working for this crazy bastard, Claudio who forces her to put on performances for him. Specifically, strangulation stuff. Anyone familiar with the name Bill Hellfire knows that if anyone can do strangulation stuff itís him. Flesh for Olivia is no exception.
  The plot is minimal, okay non existent and it was really supposed to be a sequel to an earlier Hellfire flick, Silk Stocking Strangler.  We get lots of girl on girl soft-core, lots of strangulation, some foot fetish thrown in for good measure and some stock footage from other Misty Mundae flicks. Itís a hodge podge, really. I love Misty Mundae and this flick is over four years old and she looks real good in it. I really like Julian Welles and she is just steamy as hell in this flick. I cannot stand AJ Khan. You have to understand. I have watched a lot of Seduction Cinema fare. For many years I feel like I have been chronicling the rise and fall of the company. That said I really have an issue with AJ Khan. I donít find her attractive and she annoys me whenever she is on the screen. That said, the movie is exactly what it is supposed to be. A fix for the Misty junkies out there in the big world. We all know that Misty has gone on to legitimate acting and will no longer be gracing the footage of Seduction Cinema. They will either survive this or not. Iím betting that they can pull it off if they keep using directors like Hellfire, Brett Piper and Tony Marsiglia. As far as Seduction Cinema discs go, this one is really slim and not chock full of the goodies weíve come to expect from them. Itís like they have stopped trying and are just parceling out whatever Misty stuff they have left before they run out. Kind of a shame. - Douglas A. Waltz



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