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FIRE ON THE AMAZON (New Concorde) DVD. 1993. AKA: "Lost Paradise”. Action/thriller. Approx. 85 minutes. NR, violence. RJ O’Brien (Craig Sheffer), a photojournalist from the States, visits a South American village that is being ravished by lumber company. While down there, the leader of an environmental group is brutally murdered and Joe decides to do a little snooping around. While snooping, he is thrown in jail with a man who is later accused of the murder. After Joe is released, the accused man is found dead by means of suicide. Joe, knowing that all this is a sham, hooks up with fellow environmentalist Alyssa Rothschild (Sandra Bullock) in hopes of finding the truth.
     There are only two real reasons to watch this dull movie. One, the executive producer is Roger Cormen. Two, Sandra Bullock has a pretty steamy sex scene with Sheffer. Bullock is very stingy when it comes to showing skin now a days, but this was very early in her career. The scene is 50 minutes into the movie and lasts for about 4 minutes. She is completely naked, but you really do not see anything because of the shooting angels and other obstructions. There are a number of nice side views though. The movie itself is pretty boring. The only difference between the R version and the Unrated version is about four seconds and one quick sex position. Again, you see two naked bodies without seeing any “special areas.” If you like Ms. Bullock, you’ll want to see this one. I just love finding these little lost flics of today’s stars! - Denis Sheehan


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