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(Blue Underground) 1983. 81 minutes. Rated PG, animated violence and curvy cartoon chicks in skimpy clothing that may turn on horny young ladies.  The powerful bad guys, Ice, are encroaching on the good guys’, Fire, land and kidnap the good king’s daughter. However, she’s a rascally woman and escapes the grasp of the evil doers. After running into to tuff guys who wish to defeat the bad guys, she joins their force with her Dad’s and take on the dreaded Ice bad people.
Ok, I watched this two DVD set while downing much fire water and do not recall the details like names, places, and other typically helpful information when reviewing a movie. However, I do remember the general junk and it is purdy cool. Fire and Ice is collaboration between director Ralph Bakshi (original Lord of the Rings) and artist Frank Frazetta (whether you know it or not, you’ve seen something by this guy). The story is a typical one of good versus evil, but is animated to match Frazetta’s style of artistry. There are some unanswered questions in the story, like who the heck is that dude holding the battle axe, where did he come from, and why is he so damn strong? You know, I remember seeing this flic a million years ago and wondered the same stuff. Guess age hasn’t done shyt for me. On a pretty cool note, the animation is animated over live action shots of actors, which is noticeable during the movie. There is a name for this type of animation, but of course I forget. I am awesome. Disc one includes the movie, a cool making of documentary, interviews, and still gallery. Disc two includes audio commentary and a great biodoc, Painting with Fire, on artist Frank Frazetta. This biodoc is almost as amazing as the artist: lots of interviews surrounded by tons of Frazetta’s work. The DVD print does show some age with specs and scratches. Fire and Ice is a good one for the animation fan. -Denis Sheehan



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