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EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL (Anchor Bay) DVD. 1969. Weird. B&W. Approx. 96 minutes. NR. German with English subtitles (optional). Directed by Werner Herzog. While their friend Pedro is being held by the institution’s caretaker, a group of adult dwarfs rebel and run amok destroying everything in their path. The dwarfs kill animals, torment the blind midgets, laugh at some pornographic pictures, and even hotwire a truck to partake in a joy ride. As the gang appears to be having the time of their life, the caretaker must decide how to save is institution, and his life.
     Ok, this is perhaps the oddest movie I’ve ever seen. I had no idea what the point of this movie was until I listened to Herzog’s commentary. However, I still loved it because of it’s pure oddness and creativity. There are so many bizarre things to wonder about here. Although the institution is meant to be inhabited by only dwarfs, everything is still sized for people of “normal” height. Hombre, who appears to be the main character, is absolutely, without a doubt the most intriguing person to ever grace the screen. He may have even been an influence for Beavis and Butthead. His laughter will kill you! His lines are insane, and he is just damn odd. Herzog’s use of black and white film is phenomenal and his direction is even better. From the opening title track to the nutty ending (Hombre’s 5 minute laughing fit at a camel), this movie will baffle you. DVD is 1.33:1 ratio and enhanced for 16x9 tvs. Features include; interesting commentary by Herzog, Crispin Glover (oddball actor), and Norman Hill (no idea who he is). If you like movies by Harmony Korine and David Lynch, you’ll dig this flic. – Denis Sheehan


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