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EUGENIE…The Story of Her Journey into Perversion
(Blue-Underground) 1969.  Eurosleaze. 87 minutes. Not rated. Nudity, sexual situations. Directed by Jess Franco. After getting the ok from her stupid ass father, the young, innocent, and very beautiful Eugenie (Marie Liljedahl) visits a family “friend” (aka Dad’s side slice) on a private island resort. Once there, she is slowly sucked into a world of lesbianism, man sex, s&m, drugs, and murder. 
                Based on the Marquis de Sade novel Philosophy in the Boudoir, this classic piece of Eurosleeze did just enough to make me continue watching, but not enough to actually make me like it. Although I can appreciate that Eugenie must have shocked the snot out of grindhouse audiences worldwide in 1969, my attention was basically held captive for only two reasons: Marie Liljedahl and Christopher Lee. Ms. Liljedahl (who also starred in Joe Sarno’s Inga) is an absolute sight, and whoever would have guessed that Christopher Lee guest starred in a Jess Franco Eurosleeze flic? Fear not Hammer Studios and Lord of the Rings fans, Mr. Lee explains himself and this role in the “interviews” extra. As I wrote above, the story is odd enough and the erotic scenes are erotic enough to keep you interested, but they fail to push the envelope (by today’s standards anyway). The sex scenes are softcore, but the nudity is plentiful. Extras include: interviews with Franco, Liljedahl, Lee, and producer Harry Alan Towers (this feature is pretty interesting and shows the four as they are today), trailer, poster/still gallery, etc. Unless you’re a fan of Jess Franco, Eurosleeze, Marie Liljedahl, and even Christopher Lee (he’s not in this movie much, but it is still weird seeing him in this genre), watching Eugenie won’t kill you, but neither would not watching it. – Denis Sheehan



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