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(Seduction Cinema) DVD. Seduction Cinema. Erotic. Total disc running time 160 minutes. NR, nudity. Amy and Bill are back in their high school hometown on a vacation from the city. While wondering around town, Amy comes across a standing mirror in an antique shop and simply must have it due to the sensations she feels while looking at her reflection. After getting her new prize possesion home, and blowing off Bill who is dieing for sex, Amy stares into the mirror and sexually ravishes herself. Not being one to keep all these new sensations to herself-except from her boyfriend Bill, Amy drags the mirror to her friendís office, who happens to be a medical doctor. While patients wait in the waiting room, Amy and her doc friend look into the mirror and go at it like dogs in heat. Also in the room, is a voyeuristic freak of nature nurse. After that, Amy meets two of her high school friends, who are oddly enough jogging in jeans, and invites them over for a swim and dinner. Just after poor, sexless Bill passes out, the three woman-yep- get in front of the mirror and have a little three way action. Ah, but not all is well with this new sexy mirror. Whose reflection is that looking back at those frolicking in front of the mirror? Better yet, what does that person in the mirror want? Oh, the movie concludes with a multi woman lesbo bash. 
                Ok, this movie has lots of naked woman having lesbian sex, but none of it is hardcore. Three of the woman, Laurie Wallace, Misty Mundae, and Esmerelda DeLarocca are babes. In my eyes anyway. Especially Misty, hurt me. There are a bunch of scenes when you are so close to seeing some great views, but the camera angle just isnít there. Damn frustrating. The softcore action is enjoyable, but the highlight of this DVD is the nurse I so meanly mentioned in the plot synopsis. Her name is Mistress Rhiannon and she is perhaps the oddest looking thing Iíve ever seen. Seeing her boobs will make you think you are drunkenly suffering from double vision while looking at the Hindenburg. They are gigantic. So big in fact, they stretch the skin between them so tightly Iím sure you could fling a quarter in to space off it. I would pay big money to watch this woman try and swim to the bottom of an underground pool. As large as her boobs are, there is something that easily eclipses them. Her lips. She could stop traffic with all the collagen that is jammed into her lips! I was absolutely amazed by the sight of her lips. Iíll write it again; her lips. The DVD also includes outtakes, cast interviews, a short rehearsal thing (lame), and many trailers from other Seduction Cinema releases. Sorry, Iím sure thereís more I could write about this disc and my lovely Misty, but I was just too damn distracted by Mistress Rhiannon. Ė Denis Sheehan



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